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Name: Coneys/Hanrahan

Plot No: 64

Year: 1866

.....Monument was Erectd in Memory of Coneys Alias Hanrahan byJeofrey ---eys & their Sons & in particular Walter & Luke Robert, John Benn & Rick for them & their ---erity. She Departd this life AD 2d Oct 1787 Aged 54 Years O Lord have mercy on her This tomb is sacred to the memory of Jeofrey Coney and Margret his wife and Mary wife of Walter and Catherine wife of Lucke and Walter son of Walter and Walter son of Lucke It was reconstructed AD 1866 by John youngest son of Walter a citissen Of the United States of America O Man thou a creature of clay whose highest path the pilgrim’s way To strive in life and only reach the end this tomb doth plainly teach